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🦉 EOS Cyber x EOS IT

EOS IT is excited to announce the launch of EOS Cyber, our new comprehensive cyber security program!With this new program, we can provide your business with the tools to navigate cyber security with confidence. 

From proactive threat monitoring to incident response, EOS Cyber delivers tailored solutions designed to fortify your defences and ensure the resilience of your organisation’s digital infrastructure. With tailored solutions and prioritising comprehensive protection, the program offers a holistic approach to cyber security to help you stay secure and stress less!  

With EOS Cyber, we are committed to ensuring you can educate your people, optimise your technology and secure your processes (EOS, see what we did there!). 

We had the opportunity to launch EOS Cyber at this year’s CyberWest Summit held in Perth! As the largest cyber security event in Western Australia, the CyberWest Summit is an amazing opportunity to learn from cyber security experts (like us!). Held at the Pan Pacific Perth, the community really stepped out in all of their technical glory, but we think ours was top notch (I mean, Cyber Security is a Hoot?! C’mon!)

Our director, Kelly Winrow, spoke on a panel discussing the importance of choosing a secure IT provider alongside other industry leaders.

We had a blast meeting everyone who stopped by our booth – we hope everyone enjoyed the Summit as much as we did! We’re already looking forward to 2025.

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