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Have You Outgrown Your IT Service Provider?

Congratulations…your business is growing. You have reached the tipping point where you can no longer rely on a friend to help with your IT infrastructure or pay an IT person to come and fix your problems on an adhoc basis. Your business has moved up to the next level and you need to have your hardware and software setup for your staff to communicate and collaborate efficiently. Now is the time for you to start thinking about your long-term requirements and how the likelihood of downtime will affect your business productivity.

3 signs you have outgrown your current IT service provider:

1. Longer response times

Rapid response time is crucial to your business operations. If you are relying on a “one-man band” IT provider to drop everything the moment an IT disaster strikes, the chances are they will not be able to address your situation in a timely manner, leaving you with employees doing nothing and customers going elsewhere. On the other hand, if you engage an IT company providing your business with a Managed Service Plan, you and your staff will be back up and running in no time, and most issues can be fixed remotely.

2. Your IT provider is not proactive

Using an IT provider as and when you have an issue can be very risky; this reactive solution will prevent your business from operating efficiently and the downtime will cost your business significantly. Having a proactive plan with a managed service provider will give you peace of mind, as your infrastructure is managed and monitored 24/7 to maintain productivity.

3. Inadequate hardware and software

Servers and PC’s need to be updated on average every 5 years. Using up-to-date technology and efficient devices will improve your business productivity and security by running the latest applications. If you are not receiving the latest updates to your IT systems, you are also increasing the risk of a cyber-attack or security breech.

If you’re ready to upgrade, contact us today!

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