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Why Do I Need A Managed Service Provider?

This question always pops up when talking with potential clients and it is one we love to answer!

Many small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) tend to have a break-fix solution in place and look at a managed service plan like an insurance policy that they may not use. A break-fix solution fixes the problem as it occurs, putting their entire business at risk of downtime. This can bring all business activity to a standstill, lasting anywhere between a few hours to days or even weeks. It will cost them loss of earnings through lost business opportunities; it can damage their reputation, and will decrease the morale of their employees.

However, technology is constantly evolving and its changing the way businesses function. Hardware and software management is becoming more challenging for the business owner, and outsourcing to an MSP who helps manage their network, devices, and users can dramatically change a company for the better. A reputable Managed Service Provider will become more of a partner to your business, and not just a monthly invoice.

Here are a few reasons why your business needs a Managed Service Provider.

Cut the risk of downtime

An MSP will take a proactive approach and avoid many IT issues. If a client is experiencing a problem, an MSP will be able to respond and resolve the issue quickly before it gets out of hand.

Improve security

You will have peace of mind knowing your network is being monitored around the clock, and an MSP will make sure your Anti-Virus and Patches are up to date.

Lower costs

Save on recruitment and training by outsourcing to a provider who has the skilled staff ready to help with your issues. You will see faster results as you focus on your business instead of your IT problems, and you can guarantee that a reactive solution costs a lot more time and money than a proactive solution. Most importantly, the spending will be controlled and predictable.

MSPs are able to give you monthly or quarterly reports on how your system is running. The reports are used to forecast your IT infrastructure, so you can be prepared for any changes that the system requires.

Remote access

With remote access, an engineer can login and resolve your problem without having to leave the office; again, this lowers costs on labour call out fees.

MSPs will bring the expertise, experience and knowledge in their service offerings. They have the technology, tools and resources to improve efficiencies, procedures and processes.

Rather than try to keep up with the latest hardware and software requirements, let an MSP do it for you.

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